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Classes at Bluebird

Our classes are nurturing spaces to move, breathe and heal. Class sizes are small (4-10 participants depending on the class). You must contact the instructor to reserve your spot in the class. 

We currently offer qi gong (Wednesdays) and tai chi (Thursdays and Sundays). Read on for more information about class times, prices, and instructor contact information.

Qi Gong

  • Wednesday, 6:30pm-7:30pm*

  • Instructor: Venus Sabay

Qi gong is a gentle, calming practice that allows you to cultivate your own qi (life force energy) using gentle movements and breath work. This class will also include a seated meditation at the end of each session

Each season has it's own qi and this energy resonates with specific body organs and emotions. In Venus' class you will learn how to harmonize your qi with the seasons so that you become a force of nature and no longer feel out of sync!

Class sizes are limited and you must pre-register to attend. Email Venus at to register or sign up on our online scheduler.

*class will begin at 6:15pm on days when Venus is leading a workshop - be sure to contact Venus before coming to class and check the start time

$18 for a single class, $75 for a package of five classes. Cash or check only.

Tai Chi

  • Thursday, 12pm - 1pm and Sunday, 10:30am-11:30am

  • Instructor: Jennifer Wade

Stay strong and balanced on your feet in this gentle class that can be practiced by all ages. Tai Chi also promotes emotional and mental resilience, aligned posture, and a strong mind/body connection. This class will also include qigong, stretching and meditation. No experience required and all bodies are welcome. This class is based on Tai Chi Fundamentals, by Tricia Yu, and is a modified version of the Cheng Man Ch’ing form.

Class attire: please wear comfortable clothes and bring a separate pair of comfortable shoes or sneakers that can be worn during class. Or, feel free to just wear socks or slippers if that’s the most comfortable to you.

Reserve your spot! Tai chi classes are limited in size. Please call or text Jennifer Wade (773) 406-2091 or email to register.

single class: $15       5 pack: $60         10 pack: $110